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The Flint & Steel Fire Starter Kit Review

The Flint & Steel Fire Starter Kit Review

The Flint & Steel Fire Starter Kit Review

The knowledge of primitive fire-making skills is something every outdoorsman or bushcrafter should know. Having the right tools to facilitate this process is a must. This is where the Flint and Steel come in handy. Each one of these kits is handmade and forged. The team at Flint-and-Steel Ltd. (www.flint-and-steel.com) has done a great job making these kits. Having this compact kit in your pack is a great way to have a ready-made fire source in just about any condition. There is nothing like making a fire with your own two hands.


My first impression of the Flint & Steel Fire Starter Kit is it is well made and crafted. The kit consists of a small tin box in which each component fits snug. It has a nice size piece of flint and a good amount of Jute Twine. The firesteel or striker can be easily grasped by the fingers. It has a good weight to it. The char cloth container is compact and has a good supply inside. It also contains a useful color illustrated instruction insert that explains how to use the kit to make a fire. There are fire starter kits also available in a variety of custom-made leather pouches.

Kit Contains:

  • A firesteel, 2.36″ (60mm) in length
  • A small tin container of linen char cloth tinder
  • A small piece of flintstone
  • A bundle of Jute Twine
  • English language instructions for beginners

Field Test

I took my Flint & Steel Fire Starter Kit to my favorite spot on the lake to test it out. It unpacked quite easily. The instructions included in the kit were easy to follow. I decided to try it out with my Vargo Wood Burning Stove and make a cup of tea.


My first step was to make a twine bundle for my ember to catch. I cut 5 pieces of twine into 4-inch strips. Then I unwound each thread to separate fibers. I created a bundle of fibers that my charcloth could sit in. It is important to gather, cut, and stage all of your wood before you start a fire. This will allow you to get your fire up and running quickly.


I took a piece of char cloth from the tin and placed it above the flat side of the flint. It took 5 or 6 strikes to get a spark to land on the char cloth. It did not take much of a spark to get the cloth to light. I was very surprised at how quickly it took. I would recommend doing a few practice strikes without the char cloth first to get a feel of how hard you should strike to get a spark.

Flint and steel ready to strike

Having Things Prepared


Once I landed a spark on the char cloth, I placed it into my twine bundle and began to gently blow into it. It did not take much blowing on the bundle before it erupted into flames.

Flint and steel twine bundle smoke


We Have Fire

I have to say this may be my go-to method and kit to make a fire. The whole process is a great way to get connected with the basics of starting a fire. It also makes you connect with nature in a primitive way. The whole process was very easy, enjoyable, and relaxing.

Where to Buy:

These fire starter kits are available for sale in their Etsy store or website:

Website: www.flint-and-steel.com

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PrimitiveFireMaking

Here is a video explaining the product:


The Flint & Steel Fire Starter Kit is a very well-made kit. This kit is a great gift for anyone who hikes, backpacks, or loves the outdoors. It should be a mainstay in anyone’s pack.

Grab Life Outdoors (GLO) Ferro Rod Review

Grab Life Outdoors (GLO) Ferro Rod Review

Grab Life Outdoors (GLO) Ferro Rod Review

When you are out in the wilderness having the ability to start a fire is essential. There are several different methods one can use to accomplish this; the easiest way is to carry a Ferro rod. A Ferro rod is a lightweight metal rod and when struck will provide a spark to get a tinder bundle ignited to start a fire. It is an excellent alternative to carrying matches or a lighter. I recently had a chance to review and field test the Grab Life Outdoors (GLO) Ferro Rod.


  • 1/2″ thick (12.5mm) ferrocerium rod
  • High-quality firesteel
  • Hand fit hardwood handle
  • Multi-tool with 6 functions
  • Item Dimensions 1 x 1 x 4.5 inches
  • Item weight 0.21 pounds


The Grab Life Outdoors (GLO) Ferro Rod is a well-made striking rod. It is solidly built and feels good in your hands. The hardwood handle is smooth and easy to grip. The attached multi-tool and striker is made of quality metal and has a good weight for striking the Ferro rod. It comes attached to a decent length of paracord. Overall I was impressed with its solid construction.

Field Test

Grab Life Outdoors (GLO) Ferro Rod Review

I took a hike out to one of my local trails to test out the fire-starting capabilities of the Grab Life Outdoors (GLO) Ferro Rod. This Ferro rod is lightweight and takes up very little room in your backpack. It also can be worn around the neck for easy access.


Grab Life Outdoors (GLO) Ferro Rod Review

The Grab Life Outdoors (GLO) Ferro Rod comes with an attached 6 function multi-tool striker. The multi-tool is a tinder scraper, bottle opener, hex wrench, map scale, and ruler. I tried using the curved tinder scraper to produce some fine shavings for my tinder bundle. It did not work that well. You’re better off using a knife. It is much more efficient.

Tinder Bundle

Grab Life Outdoors (GLO) Ferro Rod Review

The first step to get a fire going is to make a tinder bundle. You can create a tinder bundle from a wide range of dry tinder. Just find some dry tree bark, grass, or leaves and make it into a nest. Then line it with fluffy plant material like flowers that have gone to seed. Dried Milkweed, Thistle, Cattail, or finely shaved wood works great for lining your tinder bundle. You could also use dryer lint, twine, cotton balls, or steel wool. It only took a few strikes to get the tinder bundle lit.


Grab Life Outdoors (GLO) Ferro Rod Review


The Grab Life Outdoors (GLO) Ferro Rod produces an ample amount of sparks to get any tinder bundle ignited. I was very impressed with the spray of sparks that came out on each strike. I have used other Ferro rods in the past that are too small and give off very few sparks. The attached metal striker allows for easy and efficient striking. The paracord is the perfect length and gives you enough span to get solid strikes on the Ferro rod.

Where to Buy:

The Grab Life Outdoors (GLO) Ferro Rod is available at these retailers:


Buy It on eBay


Buy It on Amazon


The Grab Life Outdoors (GLO) Ferro Rod is a quality-built Ferro rod. The sparks it produces enable it to be used in many conditions. Overall I was pleased with its performance. Don’t skimp out on your next Ferro rod. It’s worth buying a well-built striking rod like this one made by the team at Grab Life Outdoors. Disclaimer: I was provided this product for an honest review.