Fire Starter Kits

There is nothing like starting a fire using primitive methods. Sometimes a lighter or matches aren’t available. Every outdoorsman and bushcrater should have one of these fire starter kits in their pack. Here are some fire starter kits we recommend. Please click on a product for more information and our full review.

Grab Life Outdoors (GLO) Ferro Rod Review
  • ✔ EXTRA LARGE 1/2" THICK FERRO ROD - Our 1/2" thick (12.5mm) ferrocerium rod is good for over 23,000 strikes. Because of the larger surface area of our ferro rod you get a larger shower of sparks which means a better chance of fire in even the most damp conditions. Try that with your Bic..
  • ✔ HIGHEST QUALITY FIRESTEEL AVAILABLE - With 5,500º F ferrocerium showering down you can get a fire going with the proper tinder in any weather condition and at any altitude, hot or cold. This is an essential piece of kit that anyone who spends time outdoors should have
  • ✔ HAND FIT HARDWOOD HANDLE - Each of our hardwood handles are hand fit and epoxied in place to ensure a natural grip that can be finished with carving, burning, staining or left to age naturally from the oils in your hands
  • ✔ 6 FUNCTION MULTI-TOOL STRIKER INCLUDED - Our 6 function striker doubles as a tinder scraper, bottle opener, hex wrench, map scale and ruler. Oh and it can throw some serious sparks too! Also included is approx 36" of mil spec 550 paracord that is set up to be used as a neck lanyard or replaced with your cordage of choice
  • ✔ A MUST HAVE PIECE OF GEAR BACKED WITH A LIFETIME GUARANTEE - If you spend anytime outdoors a quality firesteel is a must have. Perfect for bushcraft, firecraft, backpacking, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, boy scouts, EDC or every day carry, emergency use, bug out bags or BOB's, survival kits, campfires, gas camp stoves, get home bag's, vehicle bags, campers, RV's and anywhere else. Keeping a few around in different kits is always a good idea!
The Flint & Steel Fire Starter Kit Review