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Zebra Loop Handle Pot Review

Zebra Loop Handle Pot Review
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Zebra Loop Handle Pot Review

The Zebra Loop Handle Pot is an all in one portable cookware set perfect for all your outdoor activities. What makes the Billy Pot unique is the internal dish that allows you to steam or cook inside the main pot itself. You can also use the dish to eat out of after cooking. Grand Trunks Billy Pot is made out of durable 18-10 stainless steel that will resist corroding, provide years of use and still look great. The positive locking handle keeps everything in place during transport.


  • The pot can be used to cook over a camp stove or fire
  • Steam/cook food away from direct heat in the dish that fits into the top of the pot
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel cleans easily
  • Locking handle holds food (including interior dish)
  • Notch in the handle makes it easy to hang the pot over a fire
  • Pot is available in three sizes: 12cm, 14cm, and 16cm diameters
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pound


The Zebra Loop Handle Pot is a well-made product. Unlike so many other camping items, especially cookware, that seem so flimsy and cheap, this is quality. Well made, sturdy, no rattles, great looking, functional, and long-lasting. The Zebra Loop Handle Pot is an amazingly built pot. It’s high-quality stainless steel, well constructed, and durable. The manufacturing is flawless with no signs of weak points or other worrisome details.


The Zebra Loop Handel Pot comes in several sizes. The 10cm and 12cm sizes are useful for a single person hiking or camping. The larger sizes would be for 2 people at most. A big eater may want the larger size for themselves. The 10cm pot is 4″ in diameter, the 12cm pot is roughly 4.75″ in diameter, the 14cm and 16cm are 5.5″ and 6.25″ in diameter. It doesn’t seem like a big difference, but in terms of pack size and volume of the containers, it is a big difference between them all.


The lid and tray fit soundly into the pot with little room to spare. Once the handle is raised to lock the plastic retainer tab, there is no rattle or movement. The 2 plastic clips automatically open and close as the handle is raised or lowered, this is great for cooking. The lid fits tight and has a small handle that does not protrude so it packs a little easier.

Fire Cooking

Zebra Loop Handle Pot fire

This pot is meant to be used over a fire, not in the fire. The plastic clips hold up well to the heat, as long as you do not put them into the fire. The handle is sturdy and strong and has a slight divot in the center to give it stability when hanging over a fire.

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If you are looking for a great camping, hiking, or bushcraft cooking pot. Look no further the Zebra Loop Handle Pot is all you will need.

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